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Manaqibul Ulama' - al-Allamaah Sheikhuna 'Ali Jumaah 'Abdul Wahab(Ulama' Sufi dan Mufti Mesir)

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Name : Ali Jumaa Muhammad Abd Al-Wahhab


Cairo-Darrasat-Hadiqat al-Azhar-P.O Box 11675
Phone : +20 2 5887013, Fax : +20 2 5899652
Email :


Place of birth Bani Suwayl,Egypt
Date of birth Monday, (3 March 1952 C.E)
Marital status Married,three daughters who are married and have children


-Doctorate in Islamic Jurisprudence from the College of Islamic and Canon Law, University of Azhar with top honors,1988

-Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence from the College of Islamic And Canon Law,University of Azhar,with distinguished marks,1985.

-Bachelors from the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies,University of Azhar,1979.

-High school diploma in trade,from ‘Ayn Shams University,1973.


-Mufti for the Arab Republic of Egypt, 2003 to present
-Member oh the Council for Islamic Research,a subsidiary of University of Azhar 2001 to present.
-Professor of Jurisprudence,Men’s College of Islamic and Arabic Studies,Cairo part of the University of Azhar.
-Member of the Fiqh Council,a subsidiary of the World Islamic Conference,Jeddah, 2005 to present.
-General Advisor for the University of Azhar,2000 to present.
-Member of the Islamic Fiqh Center,India,1992 to present.
-Member of The University of Azhar’s Fatwa Council, 1995-1997


Obtained the highest chains of transmission to the various Islamic disciplines and authorizations from the top Islamic scholars in law, narration, jurisprudence and Arabic.


The most important activities include:-

-Participated as an expert advisor for the Council of Arabic Language in Preparing their Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence Terms. He still serves as an expert advisor.

-Participated in curriculum development at the College of Islamic Law in the Sultane of Oman until the college opened, and then participated in its opening as a founding member.

-Participated in establishing the program at the School of Islamic and Social Sciences (siss) in Washington, DC.

-Delivered al-Dirs al-Hasni in the presence of his Majesty the King of Morocco in 1994, and each year is invited back.

-Appointed as a participating advisor at Harvard University, Egypt, in the Department of Eastern Studies.

-Appointed as a participating advisor for the Middle East at Oxford University for Islamic and Arabic Studies.

-Represented the International Islamic University in Malaysia and participated in their cultural lecture seriest and participated on their promotion board to assess their assistant professors and instructors.

-Selected to deliver the Friday sermon and teach Shafi’i fiqh at Sultan Hasan Mosque, 1998 to present.

-Teaches at Azhar Mosque’s lesson series each day from after Morning Prayer until close to Noon, reading traditional texts in Islamic and Arabic disciplines.

-Participated in examining academic achievement tests for promotions to the rank of professor and visiting assistant professor for numerous universities around the world.


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